Sunday, May 2, 2010

miss ThiS MoMeNt - Part 1

almost 3 years i left my degree life..and now i'm back to student life as a master's student...
same but still have the with life...and especially SILAT...hmmp..rindu nk b'silat...really2 miss those moment with SILAT GAYUNG FATANI UKM team..

being a 1st year student then t'jebak dlm ko-k is 1st time i'm joining martial art clubs and co-curiculum.. never expected i will be there on 1st day...learn 'bunga sembah''s to hard but interesting...since i like sport n i like to this is most suit for after day then i can really do the bunga sembah..and my GURU said that i might have SILAT blood...hahaha..hmmmp... but think deeply maybe..or maybe not..but some of my dad's cousin also take same martial art..maybe it's true we have that blood..

most important..sungai congkak lah...
training inside the cool water..huhhhuu..kak dilla, my best partners...hari2 duk hentam aku..gedebuk2 aku jatuh kat atas simen DECTAR 2..hahahaha......

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