Monday, August 2, 2010

presents from canada!!! yeay!!

thanks a lot to my brother..hihihi... all of us get to be ready for all books u buy la...hahaha..i got 2 books to read as a presents from canada..hahaa... what kind of books...hurmm i think i'll show it later.. and will described a bit about those books.. hehehe.. wait for next next and next entry..hahaha.. but... a set of dragon ball series of comics he bought and i might be more interested to that book..hahaha... * sorry ler..kamu beli kan aku buku bnyk sgt la* heehehe

and ofcourse my mom get a set of's my speeling correct or not?? hehehe.. rectangle shape.. wow..kat malaysia mahal tu.. as long as my mom happy dieorg ni mmg belikan aje..hehehe...dah setahun adik aku x balik...aku rindu sama kamu la...mau gadoh2 n berebut tv mcm dulu2..hihihihi...

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shahmi shakri said...

hadiah utk mi ape???

get a song here now

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