Wednesday, July 14, 2010

List of work for this week...

tonnes of work to do for this week... and today it's already wednesday i got more n more works inside my head... need to list up then try to finish it ASAP..InsyaAllah...

1. thesis
    a. introduction
    b. area of study
    c. methodology
2. find part time jobs (as a tuition teacher pon OK)
3. class - which one should i choose??? credit hr dh cukup tp gatal ajek nk tambah..
4. saturday - went to my sis school (jumper cikgu pasal result exam)
5. saturday - send my car to bearing

NURUL AINI OSMAN aka kak nurul biler kiter mau cari data kat JPS nie??? nak send biler kat prof proposal nie kak??? nak cari job lagi nie..huhuhu

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