Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Penjara pudu will be Bukit Bintang City Center

Penjara pudu has become history just in book and in memories for those who had been in there... and now in todays paper in Berita Harian new history begin, this area will be develop as Bukit Bintang City Center and UDA holding will be submit the proposal to DBKL.. i'm wondering it's UDA holding had count traffic congestion nowadays.. traffic and parking problem were the most critical issues at Bukit bintang area.. r we malaysian will used public transport or car pooling..??? that's was the big question when our service of public transport still not good as japan or other europe country.. and if we can see the bus system is the most bad services ever in KL..hahaha... not punctual, facilities not satisfied and to pack such as a tin of sardine...hahaha... hope DBKL will look into transportation problem not only for great building and create more problems in KL.. just a concern person..hahahaha

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