Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the answer is....

in or not...that's was a big question 4 me now.. Silat owhhh Silat... mmmm...
tik tok..tik tok..tik tok.. 

to niza, azie and ain...

i'm trying my best for this tournament but i'm not promises for any medal... if we win it's credit 4 u guys.. (akak tolong kamu smua kali ni...tolong akak betul2 xmenjanjikan apa2 kemenangan tp hanya melengkapkn game korng..boleh ek...akak akan berusaha utk kejayaan kamu) but i'll try my best ok... i'm IN and with one condition, which u guys have to attend training in UKM..not outside... n i won't training with cikgu bijan or what ever u call him..hehehe... just with u guys ok... boley??? 

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